Aerial Shiatsu

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Adrian Jones has since 2003 developed Shiatsu techniques for the massage-table.These are based upon the easy, effective use of the Hara (main energy centre of the physical body) in combination with cross patterning. Every moment is designed to open and develop ones own flexibility and vitality.

The original essence of shiatsu:

  • To bring us closer to our true selves and to remind us that this warm feeling of oneness and contentment is, after all, the birthright of us all.
  • To help set free the power of self-healing that each of us possesses.
  • A Shiatsu-form that is easier to perform liberates more energy and awareness to treat the receiver.

The purpose of Aerial Shiatsu is to:

  • Develop and use one’s own health and vitality
  • Learn a style of shiatsu that is relevant to the particular difficulties and opportunities faced in modern life.
  • Discover how to simultaneously exercise and nourish one’s own body during treating.

*  GSD = German Shiatsu Society

Adrian Jones about Aerial Shiatsu (Vimeo)

The important advantages of Aerial Shiatsu on the massage table.

For the practitioner:

  • The lower back, hip, knee and ankle joints with all associated tendons, ligaments and muscles are mobilised in a manner that refreshes and strengthens without tiredness or overload.
  • With every technique and position,  the hara (the physical and energetic centre in the lower belly) can be directly and effectively used.
  • Practitioners, who have developed joint-problems get another opportunity to return to shiatsu.
  • Involves new techniques and positions which together bring a fresh impulse and variety into the practise.
  • The lightness and ease of Aerial Shiatsu can extend the practise for many years to come, well into old age!

For the client:

  • Instant acceptance because of easier access, increased comfort and warmth.
  • Excellent for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.
  • Head, neck and hara can be given long treatments whenever necessary.
  • People with shoulder and neck problems will always find the most perfect and comfortable position using the adjustable headrest and armrest.


Teaching: Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones
Adrian Jones
Born in Wales. Spent many years as a musician. Student of shiatsu since 1984. German society teacher since the mid 90’s. Co-founder of German Shiatsu Society school Shiatsu zum Leben in Hamburg 1992. Teaching style prioritises the direct use of the hara with easy, smooth and economical movements. Adrian is particularly fascinated by all aspects of survival and sustainability, also with how to develop a healthy and respectful relationship with the natural world.
Regards the practise of shiatsu as a powerful tool in the care and development of personal health as well as being one of the best ways of making body, mind and spirit feel whole.

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